As a seasoned forex trader myself, I understand the excitement and passion that comes with trading. With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of the best gifts for forex traders to help you find the perfect present for the trader in your life. Let’s dive in!

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Magic Keys Risk Management Tool

The Magic Keys Risk Management Tool is a game-changer for any serious forex trader. This nifty little gadget calculates risk percentages in real-time, making it an indispensable addition to a trader’s arsenal. In my own experience, this tool has helped me make more informed decisions and effectively manage risk in my trades.

Using the Magic Keys Risk Management Tool, you can easily calculate the ideal position size for any trade, ensuring that you’re not putting too much capital at risk. By simply entering your account balance, risk percentage, and stop loss, the tool instantly calculates your position size. This can save precious time, especially when markets are moving rapidly.

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I highly recommend the Magic Keys Risk Management Tool as a gift because it demonstrates your understanding of the importance of risk management in trading. Plus, it’s an incredibly useful tool that can help traders become more successful in their ventures. Check it out here.

A Widescreen Monitor

Another fantastic gift for forex traders is a widescreen monitor. I cannot stress enough the benefits of having a large, clear screen to view charts, news, and trade setups. It’s crucial for making informed decisions and staying on top of the markets.

A widescreen monitor allows traders to view multiple charts and timeframes simultaneously, making it easier to spot trends and opportunities. This can significantly improve a trader’s ability to analyze the markets and make profitable trades.

When choosing a widescreen monitor, look for one with high resolution and a fast refresh rate, as these features will ensure a smooth, crisp display.

Trading Journal

A trading journal is an essential tool for every forex trader, as it helps them track their trades, analyze their performance, and learn from their mistakes. A well-kept trading journal can be the key to a trader’s long-term success.

When I first started trading, I underestimated the importance of maintaining a trading journal. As I became more experienced, I realized that a journal could help me identify patterns in my trading behavior and refine my strategies. This led to a significant improvement in my trading performance.

As a gift, consider a high-quality physical trading journal or a subscription to a digital trading journal platform like Edgewonk. A thoughtfully designed journal with sections for entry, exit, stop loss, and trade reflections will make it easy for the recipient to maintain and review their trading records.

Displays and Mounts for a Mobile Device

In today’s fast-paced world, many traders rely on mobile devices to monitor their trades and make decisions on the go. Having a dedicated display and mount for a mobile device can make it much easier to keep an eye on the markets while working or traveling.

As someone who has juggled multiple devices while trying to stay updated on my trades, I can attest to the convenience of having a dedicated display for my mobile trading platform. A high-quality display and mount can significantly improve the trading experience and make it easier to manage trades from anywhere.

Bull Bear Bronze Sculpted Statue

A bull bear bronze sculpted statue is a classic and elegant gift for any forex trader. This timeless piece of art symbolizes the struggle between the bullish and bearish forces in the market, serving as a daily reminder of the challenges and rewards that come with trading.

Not only does this statue make a beautiful decoration for a trader’s office or workspace, but it also serves as a source of inspiration and motivation. I personally have a bull bear statue on my desk, and it never fails to remind me of the perseverance and determination required to succeed in the world of trading.

You can find a variety of bull bear bronze sculpted statues online, such as this one from

Wall Street Movies

Forex traders, like anyone else, enjoy a good movie. Wall Street-themed movies can be an entertaining and educational gift for traders, as they often provide a glimpse into the world of high-stakes finance and trading.

Some of my personal favorite Wall Street movies include “Wall Street” (1987), “The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013), and “The Big Short” (2015). These films not only offer a captivating storyline but also provide valuable lessons on the psychology of trading, risk management, and the importance of ethics in finance.

Consider gifting a collection of Wall Street movies in physical format or as a digital download. This thoughtful gift is sure to provide hours of entertainment and valuable insights for the recipient.

Money Tree

A money tree, or Pachira aquatica, is a unique and symbolic gift for forex traders. This low-maintenance, resilient plant is believed to bring good fortune and financial success to its owner, making it a fitting present for someone involved in the world of trading.

The money tree serves as a symbol of wealth and prosperity and adds a touch of natural beauty to a trader’s workspace. I have one in my office, and I can say that it brightens up the space and reminds me of the potential rewards that come with successful trading.

Money trees are found at most local nurseries or online plant shops, such as The Sill. Remember to include care instructions with your gift to help the recipient keep their money tree thriving.

Stress Ball

Trading can be a high-pressure activity, and having a stress ball on hand can help traders stay calm and focused during tense moments. A stress ball is an inexpensive yet practical gift that can make a significant difference in a trader’s mental well-being.

I’ve personally found that using a stress ball during stressful trading situations has helped me maintain my composure and make better decisions. There are countless designs and styles available, so you can easily find one that suits the trader’s personality or interests.

These stress balls from Amazon are really sturdy and will last through even the biggest drawdowns!

Why You Shouldn’t Get Trading Subscriptions

While trading subscriptions might seem like a useful gift for forex traders, I would caution against them. Trading subscriptions often include access to trading signals, tips, or advice from so-called experts. While these services might appear helpful, they can actually hinder a trader’s growth and development.

First, relying on trading signals or advice from others can lead to a lack of independent decision-making. Traders need to develop their own strategies and analytical skills to be successful in the long run. By following someone else’s suggestions, traders may miss out on valuable learning experiences and fail to build a solid foundation in trading.

Second, the quality of trading subscriptions can vary widely, and not all are worth the investment. Some services might provide unreliable or inconsistent information, leading to losses and frustration for the trader. It’s important to remember that there are no guarantees in trading, and even the most reputable services can have their off days.

Instead of gifting a trading subscription, consider other options like educational resources, mentorship programs, or trading tools that can help the trader develop their skills and become more self-reliant.


Finding the perfect gift for a forex trader can be challenging, but I hope this list has inspired you.

From practical tools like the Magic Keys Risk Management Tool and a widescreen monitor to symbolic and motivational items like the bull bear bronze sculpted statue and money tree, there are plenty of options to show your support and appreciation for the trader in your life.

Remember that the best gifts are not only thoughtful but also help the recipient grow in their trading journey.

By choosing a gift that encourages learning, self-improvement, and a strong trading mindset, you can contribute to the trader’s long-term success and happiness.