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Welcome to my forex trading website! My name is Gul, and I have been trading forex for over 6 years. Through my experience, I have learned that the key to successful forex trading is mastering one’s own impulses. I want to share my knowledge and help you become a better forex trader.

On this site, I provide educational content and insights on forex trading, including strategies, expert advisors, copy trades, and other techniques. My goal is to help you become a better trader and make a living through forex trading.

In addition to educational content, I provide an overview of the best prop trading firms and tips on passing their challenges. I also share personal stories and insights on the ups and downs of forex trading to help you learn from my experience.

My overall aim is to help you achieve your goals and dreams through forex trading. I believe that we are in a golden age of proprietary trading firms, and I want to help you get your funded account and achieve your dreams.

Check out my overview of the best prop firms here, and check out our posts for information on how to pass prop firm challenges and how to become a better trader in general!

Important Disclaimer:

The information on this site is PURELY FOR EDUCATION PURPOSES. No information on this site or its associated social media channels or otherwise communicated by me is financial advice. We are NOT financial advisors. Please consult a registered financial advisor for investment advice.

Forex trading carries significant risk and a significant percentage of retail traders lose.

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