Forex trading is incredibly hard, but thanks to YouTube, there are lots of potential mentors out there that you can follow and learn from.

This is a list of the best Forex YouTubers who I’ve followed and found to post extremely genuine and valuable trading education.

If you want to get started on the right foot with your Forex trading, you’ll definitely want to follow these guys.

1. Raja Banks

Raja Banks is by far one of THE best Forex traders to follow on YouTube. In fact, it was after finding his method and studying the way he trades that I was finally able to become profitable in the long run.

Raja has a very simple trading philosophy. His trades are based on pure price action and he focuses on trading at the right time to capture the most volume in the market.

He does live streams very often where you can trade the New York session with him, and he occasionally posts inspirational content too, like how he grew a $50,000 account to $1,000,000 in 6 months.

2. Simple Forex

Simple Forex is run by a young guy who is a very talented trader. He posts very simple trading strategies that can easily be followed by anyone. There are not many videos on his channel, but as of this writing, he’s managed to get over 20,000 subscribers with just over 20 videos: very impressive!

Check out his videos on flipping small accounts, as well as his simple Forex strategy videos for more inspiration:

3. TraderNick

TraderNick frequently posts very valuable Forex trading content from trade breakdowns to live trading during the NY session. He’s very sincere in his approach and shows both winning and losing trades. Over time, he’s successfully grown multiple trading accounts. If you’re into swing trading, you should definitely follow TraderNick.

4. Trading Nut

TradingNut features interviews with some of the most talented Forex traders in the world. If you’re looking for some inspiration or a new idea in your trading, you’ll probably be able to find an amazing interview on TradingNut’s channel that can get you started on a new path in Forex.

He also hosts trading challenges where talented Forex traders attempt to backtest their trading strategy on TradingView’s rewind feature. Those are also really interesting to watch!

5. The Moving Average

The Moving Average is a relatively new channel but Arty’s sincere and valuable content has catapulted him to one of the top trading channels on YouTube. He’s a big fan of day trading and scalping and posts some of the best educational content for aspiring Forex traders.

There’s also a really large and active community around his channel and you can also find free indicators and tools that the community has developed.

6. Day Trading Addict

Day Trading Addict is run by Ben, a profitable Forex trader who frequently posts inspirational and education content on his channel. Ben is a day trader and he shares lots of trading strategies, trade breakdowns, and motivational videos on his channel.

He’s a price action trader, so you won’t find much about indicators, but one of his favorite strategies is using supply and demand. If you’re looking to learn more about supply and demand zones, do check out the channel.

7. TechnicalGods

I’ve only recently discovered TechnicalGods and have found the content to be incredibly valuable and genuine. TechnicalGods’ main strategy is based on market fractals and order blocks, so if you’re looking to implement this technique into your Forex trading, you should definitely follow the channel.

Learning how to use order blocks can help you take sniper entries with stop losses as small as 2 to 3 pips and score massive 1:10 RR trades.


There are hundreds of channels out there and probably many more who post lots of valuable content. These 7 are the guys that I’ve watched the most, and their influence has REALLY improved my trading.

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