Cloud Funded

Cloud Funded : Crowd Financing for Local and Mission-Driven Business Opportunities

This project was developed in Ruby, drawing from a variety of open-source tools.


Cloud Funded: using crowdfunding to invest in the future we want to live in!
Shouldn’t it be easier to invest close to home?
What if you could raise capital from your friends and community?
Imagine putting your money to work, invested in businesses you know and trust.
Imagine being one of those businesses and having your communities and customers invest in your success.

Cloud Funded will provide a user friendly and trusted platform for new and existing local entrepreneurs to showcase their business plans and projects to community members in order to raise the capital they need to move forward.

We believe that the platforms that take shape in response to the new Crowdfunding Act are going to determine the nature of this emerging market, how well it is received, how well it grows and what social impact and new opportunities it creates.

This law change allows the general public in the US to openly invest in private equity and securities for the first time in 80 years. It is about to create a vast new market of investing opportunity, so there are naturally players entering the field who are simply motivated by the business opportunity. This is all well and good, but we must have at least one serious player in the emerging crowdfinancing space who is wholly motivated by the original purpose of the law change — to democratize access to capital, to allow people to put their money to work in main street business, in places where they can see the impact of their money at work.

Cloud Funded provides a listing service for businesses and projects seeking financing online through a registered SEC approved platform for crowdfinancing. For consumers, the Cloud Funded platform provides a range of investing options made newly available by the JOBS Act of 2012. Our goal is to provide a platform consistent with the original intent of the law, increasing access to capital for small businesses, local enterprises, and new start ups that are the engines of job growth in our economy.

Support for community based projects and local entrepreneurs
Cloud Funded matches local businesses to investors that are not only interested in making a return, but are also interested in supporting local economic development efforts and small business growth. Local businesses create jobs and stimulate the economy. Cloud Funded helps local businesses thrive with a network of investors who are committed to their success.

A platform for businesses to communicate investment goals and business plans
Cloud Funded provides a hub for local businesses to communicate investment goals and upload relevant business documents – making it easy for investors to understand their goals and plans.

Ability to create flexible levels of investment
Cloud Funded recognizes that those looking to invest in a project or business have portfolios of varying sizes. Additionally, this may be one investor’s first project and another’s 101st. Regardless of your investment experience, Cloud Funded offers investors the ability to select an amount that meets their comfort level.

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Draft pitch deck:

David Corson-Knowles

Rebecca Zito

Amy Farah Weiss

Chris Faulkner