Tenderloin Technology Lab

Established in 2008, the Tenderloin Technology Lab (TTL) formed as a partnership between St. Anthony Foundation and San Francisco Network Ministries to promote technology training and access to residents of the Tenderloin. The TTL emerged in response to a critical need for technology training in the Tenderloin neighborhood. The collaboration between St. Anthony Foundation (SAF) and San Francisco Network Ministries (SFNM) brings together nearly 100 years of experience in the Tenderloin neighborhood working alongside our poorest brothers and sisters to inspire health, hope, and human dignity.

The TTL is a state-of-the-art technology training center with 38 computer work-stations; a wide range of basic, intermediate, and advanced computer classes; one-on-one vocational counseling and technology training; computer repair sessions, and other special events. tenderlointechnologylab.org

“The way jobs are moving online, it’s incredibly important to be on the internet.” —Megan Trotter

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