SF Network Ministries

San Francisco Network Ministries is devoted to the people of the Tenderloin with whom we work cooperatively for the empowerment of all, proclaiming good news for the poor and seeking liberty for those who are oppressed. Since it’s founding in 1972, Network Ministries has provided a wide range of effective and compassionate service including computer training, affordable housing, kids programs, a safe house for prostituted women, memorial services for poor and homeless people, pastoral care for those with AIDS, and political advocacy regarding issues that affect the Tenderloin and its people. www.sfnetworkministries.org

“We started because we were concerned about the digital divide; we all know the gap between people who have way too much and people who have not nearly enough is getting wider and wider.  The use of technology is an important part of that.  We want poor people to have an opportunity to learn to use computers and to use them in their daily life.” —Glenda Hope


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