About Mid-Market

Mid-Market boasts proud citizens and community benefit organizations that are working together to overcome systemic and cultural barriers. With a broad mixture of individuals, historic community organizations, diverse families, established local businesses and new start-ups, Mid-Market is where a huge variety of lifestyles coexist.

Organizations Community Brief

Starting with weeks of on-the-ground research and listening, Creative Currency aims to help reshape the systems of exchange in Mid-Market by supporting disadvantaged residents in overcoming inefficiencies and barriers to their prosperity. To ensure that the outcomes of Creative Currency are grounded in existing community efforts and relationships, we’ve spent weeks interviewing local organizations and are currently compiling our findings into a holistic Community Brief to inform project teams.

The Brief will be posted online in mid-April – in the meantime, spend some time learning more about the organizations we’ve spoken to, and reading some of their thoughts on the context of the neighborhood, its current systems of exchange, and local use of technology.